River Rental Tools (RRT) Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) Management System details operational expectations with regard to HSEQ Process Requirements, Employee Health and Safety, Customers Satisfaction, Contractor selection and utilization, and Environmental Protection toward success in providing a Quality and Safe service.  Components of this system are communicated to all levels of the organization at every division.  The HSEQ Management system is comprised of tem components as detailed below: 


Achieve visible top-down leadership and commitment by Managers toward a successful and compliant QHSE company culture.

Active acceptance of responsibility for organizational roles, obligations, actions and behaviors by employees to positively influence organizational direction, improvement and success.

Planning the execution of business activities integrating QHSE to all phases of our business.


Policies and Procedures are deployed, utilized and enforced at all levels of the Organization.


Through Training and Development, provide required organizational responsibility, structure, knowledge and resources to achieve QHSE objectives

Continuous hazard analysis and risk management of activities, products and services, including contractor selection, and deployment of prevention and mitigation measures. 

All incidents and Non-Conformances are reported and properly investigated to ensure lessons learned are captured and communicated as to prevent future incident occurrences.


Vigorous Program Implementation of this system will be achieved through execution of administrative controls in each location where we operate.  Records will be made available to monitor performance and activity to ensure objectives are met. Active employee involvement is critical to QHSE Program success.

Effectiveness of implementation of the QHSE Management system will be monitored periodically through systematic audits and reviews.  Corrective actions will be monitored through regular reviews and improvements through modifications.

Implement effective Quality & Mechanical integrity program to ensure safe operation and reliability of critical equipment and establish an effective process by which RRT and their contractors align QHSE management system elements to conduct activities and supply critical assets in a safe & environmentally sound manner.




Leadership Commitment :


Accountability :


Business Planning : 

Policies and Procedures :  


Training, Resources
& Development :


Hazard Analysis, Risk Management, & Prevention :


Incident & Non-Conformance Reporting and Investigation : 


Implementation and
Performance Monitoring :


Audits, Review &
Corrective Action :



Quality &
Mechanical Integrity :