River Rental Tools (RRT) considers it a paramount aspect of its  business to offer a level of quality and pride in customer service that separates us from our competitors. It is the goal of this company to provide quality services to our customers with the same sense of devotion, reliability, distinction and professionalism that we expect from our employees. We are committed to being an Oil and Gas Service Industry leader by concentrating on delivering exceptional service and equipment that exceeds our customer's expectations by following our Quality and Safety Management system procedures. 

QUALITY of Service shall be a primary objective on every job by every employee team member, with all members taking pride in a dedicated effort and continuous pursuit to surpass personal, company and customer expectations for successful management of the company's Quality Management System. 

Ray Lavergne // rlavergne@rrtmax.com // HR/SHSEQ Manager



Work towards excellence and continue to strive for improvement to exceed our customer requirements.

Achieve goals by fostering a culture within our company that strives for the best and creates a team atmosphere with a common goal of customer satisfaction.

Continuously review our established policy and procedures to identify areas of improvement.

Provide all employees with the resources and training needed to meet these objectives.

Provide a management commitment to, quality where they are not only communicated but understand and ingrained in our daily operations.

Our Quality Philosophy is a simple one ... "Quality with Preparation Service", “Quality with Delivery”, “Quality with Service”.


Management Commitment

Management & Employee Accountability











Monthly Safety Meetings : 

Meeting of employees and management, up to and including the
President, at which various training subjects are presented, incidents are covered, question and answer sessions are allotted, and job specific information is shared.


STOP Work :

It is River Rental Tools commitment that all employees are empowered and obligated to call a STOP to work if any person’s safety or the environment are at risk.  River Rental Tool’s management fully supports our employees SWA decisions and expects that hazardous actions, situations, or the perception thereof, are fully addressed by supervisors and management


BJSEA- Behavioral Job Safety
& Environmental Analysis :

The BJSEA provides a written record of the behavioral actions in a process to be used to proceed on a task. As it is a record that can be used in court, it is to be signed off by the parties who have responsibility for the tasks. Additionally, to ensure success, Management processes must be in place to ensure workers have the skills to complete the job and that there is a required level of supervision to ensure the tasks are completed and documented. It is to be completed by all employees involved in the activity, not just the principal contractor or supervisor.


Short Service Employee (SSE) :

Program developed by which employees with less than 6 months experience are identified, appropriately supervised/mentored, trained and managed in order to prevent incidents and ensure appropriate employee development. Two evaluations are completed on the SSE during at the midpoint and the sixth month of the SSE period with the purpose of providing constructive opportunity feedback and developing qualified and competent employees. 
Behavioral Based Safety- Recognize & Eliminate Negative Tendencies
(R.E.N.T. Cards)

A behavior based injury prevention and hazard recognition process that focuses on at-risk behaviors that can lead to an injury and Coaching the safe behaviors that contribute to injury prevention.

Environment :

River Rental Tools is committed to minimizing its effect on the environment and where opportunities present, protecting the environment. Business units within RRT comply with corporate policies, domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices. RRT environmental programs are aligned to those of our customers.
Environmental management and corporate responsibility are fully recognized and acted upon. Every Manager and Employee throughout the organization has environmental responsibility and accountability.


Orientation/Training :

Safety begins with providing the highest trained and qualified personnel.  At River Rental Tools, safety and training are an integral part of our operation. We seek to avert injuries  by raising the awareness of personal safety within the work place and by reducing risks to prevent incidents.  We strive to maintain a safety culture which keeps our workplace incident free by providing training to employees on core industry and OSHA safety topics, processes, and procedures related to our operations and hazards identified. 

Our training program incorporates industrial safe work practices, skills, and certifications as well as quality assurance & technical training that insure our path to becoming a leader in the industry and gives our employees the tools to progress in their job duties while contributing to the success of the overall safety environment.

Training includes, but is not limited to the following :

PEC  or OSHA Core Compliance  //  Competency Training  //  Safety Orientation  //  Water Survival   //   HUET  //  Competency Testing   // Hazardous Materials  //  Safe Gulf  //  Safe Land  //  Air Monitoring/Gas Detectors  //  First Aid _ CPR _ AED  //  Marine Trash & Debris  // Environmental Awareness  //  N.O.R.M Awareness  //  Confined Space Entry and Rescue  //  API Rigger  //  Hazard Communication  //  Hearing Conservation  //  Blood Borne Pathogens  //  Forklift Operator  //  Defensive Driving  //  HazWoper   //  Electrical Safety  //  T-2 (PSST)  //  Welding  _ Hot Work  //  Lock Out _Tag Out  //  Fall Protection   //   Incipient Fire  //  Back Safety  //  Access to Employee Medical Records  //  H2S Training _ Respiratory Protection   //   Respiratory Protection


Health and Physical Capability :

All field based employees are required to take a medical examination including Functional Capacity Evaluations and Drug & Alcohol Screening at a facility designated by RRT prior to employment, and return to duty. River Rental Tools is a Member of the DISA Consortium in adherence with Customers who utilize these services. 

Job Performance Package :

This is a program where employees are provided a means to document their activities on the job while customers are given the opportunity to report the performance of RRT personnel and equipment. 

This package is comprised of:

• Customer/Job Information
• Job Service Reports
• R.E.N.T. Cards (Behavioral Based Safety)
• Near Miss/Incident Reports
• Non-Conformance & Equipment
    Trouble Reports


River Rental Tools (RRT) Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) Management System details operational expectations with regard to HSEQ Process Requirements, Employee Health and Safety, Customers Satisfaction, Contractor selection and utilization, and Environmental Protection toward success in providing a Quality and Safe service.  Components of this system are communicated to all levels of the organization at every division.  The HSEQ Management system is comprised of tem components as detailed below: 


Achieve visible top-down leadership and commitment by Managers toward a successful and compliant QHSE company culture.

Active acceptance of responsibility for organizational roles, obligations, actions and behaviors by employees to positively influence organizational direction, improvement and success.

Planning the execution of business activities integrating QHSE to all phases of our business.


Policies and Procedures are deployed, utilized and enforced at all levels of the Organization.


Through Training and Development, provide required organizational responsibility, structure, knowledge and resources to achieve QHSE objectives

Continuous hazard analysis and risk management of activities, products and services, including contractor selection, and deployment of prevention and mitigation measures. 

All incidents and Non-Conformances are reported and properly investigated to ensure lessons learned are captured and communicated as to prevent future incident occurrences.


Vigorous Program Implementation of this system will be achieved through execution of administrative controls in each location where we operate.  Records will be made available to monitor performance and activity to ensure objectives are met. Active employee involvement is critical to QHSE Program success.

Effectiveness of implementation of the QHSE Management system will be monitored periodically through systematic audits and reviews.  Corrective actions will be monitored through regular reviews and improvements through modifications.

Implement effective Quality & Mechanical integrity program to ensure safe operation and reliability of critical equipment and establish an effective process by which RRT and their contractors align QHSE management system elements to conduct activities and supply critical assets in a safe & environmentally sound manner.




Leadership Commitment :


Accountability :


Business Planning : 

Policies and Procedures :  


Training, Resources
& Development :


Hazard Analysis, Risk Management, & Prevention :


Incident & Non-Conformance Reporting and Investigation : 


Implementation and
Performance Monitoring :


Audits, Review &
Corrective Action :



Quality &
Mechanical Integrity :


    Continuous Improvement at River Rental Tools is an ongoing standard to improve our products, services and processes, as such, at the Foundation
    of the RRT QMS, RRT has adopted modified version of the “Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)” process approach, including a fifth step of “Communicate”,
    in developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of the
    quality management system and to enhance customer satisfaction in
    product quality.  

    • Plan – Identify opportunities for best business practices derived from customer and regulatory requirements

    • Do- Implement Policies, Procedures, and changes

    • Check – Use data to analyze the participation and results of program implementation and change to determine effectiveness

    • Act -  Through continuous assessments, Identify Successes and Opportunities and take appropriate actions to modify processes or behaviors toward greater program success

    • Communicate – Communicate potential issues, statistical analysis, opportunities and success to Management and employees across the organization to achieve participation, corrective action input, prevention and accountabilit

    OUR Quality Management System is a 16 Point program with Components Including :


    1. Quality Policy & Program Summary
    2. Control of Documents and Records
    3. Management Responsibility
    4. Management of Change
    5. Competence, Awareness & Training
    6. Planning of Product Realization
    7. Customer Related Processes
    8. Design Development & Mechanical Integrity
    9. Purchasing
    10. Control of Production & Service Provision
    11. Preservation of Product
    12. Control of Monitoring & Measuring Equipment
    13. Customer Satisfaction
    14. Internal Audits
    15. Control of Non Conforming Products
    16. Continual Improvement