Since 1985 River Rental Tools Inc. has been developing equipment and systems that pump profit directly into your bottom line.
We specialize in rental oilfield equipment and personnel solutions for pumping and filtration. Our support tools, equipment and personnel are tailored to maximize production in the realms of drilling, workover and pipeline projects. This includes Pumping, Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, Wireline, Cementing, Thru Tubing Services, Fishing, Fracturing, Stimulation and Pipelines. 
When partnering with RRT your value capture will continue to rise due to our time-tested, three-pronged attack at maximizing production. You will gain an edge with high performance equipment, held to the most rigorous : (1) Quality Control Standards.

Individualized attention and steadfast commitment to solving your unique problems stem from our : (2) Owner Driven Dedication.

Capturing and retaining more value will become your new normal thanks to our : (3) constant R&D into Innovative Oilfield Solutions (I.E., C-FAST“Contained Filtration and Separation Technology”).

The three facets of this formula allow us to continually leverage our clients into bona fide Titans of Industry.


We exist to solve your problems from our two strategically placed, full service, facilities in Belle Chasse and Lafayette, Louisiana. These optimal locations minimize transportation costs and allow us to address your needs with expediency.

The owners are actively involved and always within reach to tailor towards specific goals and economics, guaranteeing that you're always treated like a part of the RRT family.